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"Operation BBQ For Our Troops"

Operation BBQ for Our Troops

Since May of 2003, "Operation BBQ for Our Troops" have offered Barbeque Meals of Thanks to approximately 25,000 Marines and their Families. This has been going on now for two years, it has been possible with the organization provided by Del King and the helping hands and finical support of AMVETS Post 18, CBBQA, JROTC and Sponsors (listed below) The effort is currently on going, with one more "Operation BBQ for Our Troops" on April 02, 2005 in Clovis, CA, Headed by Brent Walton, Executive Vice President of CBBQA (approx. 1,200 Navy, Army, Marine Active and Reserve units.). And another at 29 Palms, on May 21, 2005 headed by Del King (approx.14,000+ Marines). If you would like to be involved or offer financial donation or supplies go to For more national info go to: Your support will be tax deducible and greatly appreciated by CBBQA and our Troops. As President of CBBQA I am very proud of the Men, Women, and Kids that have given so much of themselves to show our Troops that we really mean a warm and hearty "THANK YOU" from those you protect and the freedom we and many other cherish. Our hearts and prayer are with you all,  

Grant Ford, President CBBQA


California Sponsors:
- Albertsons
- BBQ'n Fools
- Big Bob Gibsons
- Broadleaf Venison (USA) Inc.
- Chris Allingham
- City Of Hope
- Coleman Processors
- Country Bob, Inc.
- Elite Spice
Gelsinger Meats, Inc.

- Hawgeyes BBQ
- Head Country Food Products
- Hormel Foods
- Johnsonville Sausage, LLC
- Lazzari Fuel Company
Ma's Smokin Chips, Inc.

- Mary's Gourmet Foods, Inc.
- Mission Linen
- Mr. Michah's Gubbin' Barbecue Sauce
- Petaluma Poultry
- Restaurant Depot
- Risvolds Salads
- Royal Oak Enterprises, Inc.
- Rubbermaid Commercial Products
- Ryder
- Schwan's Bakery, Inc.
- Smart & Final
- Soutwest Regional Council Of Carpenters
- Stats Floral Supply
- Ted Kryczko of Walt Disney Records
- Terri Knowles
- Todd's Out Of This World BBQ -n- Products
- Unistar Foods
- Villa Roma Sausages
- Village Vine Resouce Center
- Win River Casino
- William "Bud" Liffick
- Yosemite Meats
- Zacky Farms
- Zeke's Smokehouse

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Twentynine Palms Welcome Home Party
September 20, 2003

Members of the CBBQA and other barbecuers from as far away as Tennessee came together and cooked one big barbecue for our Marines Heroes and their families.  Three Marines stand on the work platform of the Indisputable Cuz, the world's largest mobile barbecue rig.

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Barbecuers and helpers cooked for 300+ Marines and family members of the
1st Recon Battalion of the 1st Marines at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside on June 7th.

For stories and details of the June 7th event at Camp Pendleton Marine Base:

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On May 17, barbecuers and helpers put on a big barbecue picnic for the families of Marines from the 1st Division deployed to "Operation Iraqi Freedom" from the Twentynine Palms, CA Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

For stories and details of the May 17th event at the Twentynine Palms Marine Base:

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Clovis Ca. April 2, 2005

29 Palms, Ca. May 21, 2005